Game Birds

Quick Facts

SOURCED FROM: QUAIL – Georgia, PHEASANT – Wisconsin, MOULLARD DUCK – Deleware River Basin, POUSSIN – South Carolina, MUSCOVY DUCK – California, SQUAB – South Carolina & California

RAISED ON: A vegetarian diet and fresh water in a stress-free environment

HARVESTED AT: QUAIL – 35 days/7 oz, PHEASANT – 15 wks/3.5 lbs, MUSCOVY DUCK – 11 wks/8 lbs, MOULLARD DUCK – 14 wks/12 lbs, SQUAB – 28 days/19 oz, POUSSIN – 28 days/1.75 lbs

TASTE IS: Elegant and tends to be sweeter than chicken when cooked properly.

HOW HEALTHY: Game birds are lean and with very low fat content, so care needs to be taken to not overcook.

COOKING TIPS: The trick is to cook all game birds slowly.  A slow cooker is a great tool for preparing game birds, or if using a conventional oven, use an oven bag or foil to keep the moisture in.  Draping bacon over the meat can also add moisture and fat to the cooking process, which helps to avoid dryness.  To see if the bird is ready, poke a skewer deep into the breast.  If the juices run clear, it’s ready.  If red, keep cooking.  If no juices – pull out quickly, it is already well done.

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