Wagyu Beef

Quick Facts

SOURCED FROM: Texas and Iowa

RAISED ON: A combination of traditional Japanese feeding regime and an in-house program focused on high quality and cost effective foodstuffs

HARVESTED AT: 23 months / 1,300 to 1,400 lbs

TASTE IS: Indescribable… exquisite and luxurious… juicy and tender

HOW HEALTHY: The fat makeup of the white lattice marbling is primarily unsaturated fat, often making Wagyu cuts healthier than many USDA prime beef products


The fat in Wagyu is so soft it melts at a much lower temperature than traditional beef fat. Lower than body temperature in fact, which helps account for the melt in the mouth experience.

The flavor is much richer than regular beef and is generally served raw seared on the sides, rare or medium rare. Due to its exceptional tenderness and flavor, Wagyu beef should never be cooked to well done.

Finally, keep things simple when making a dish with Wagyu, you don’t want to distract from the luxurious flavor of the meat. Often a simple starch side, with a veggie, a nice sauce that’s then paired with a red wine complements the Wagyu meat beautifully!

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