Quick Facts

SOURCED FROM: Small Amish and family farms in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois and Wisconsin

RAISED ON: Grain:  ground corn, alfalfa, soy meal, oats and wheat, molasses, vitamins such as A, choline, B-12 and 18% crude protein

HARVESTED AT: 12 weeks / 5-6 lbs

TASTE IS: Rabbit is very tender with flavor similar to free range or heritage chicken.  The meat is very versatile and can stand alone or accompanied by more robust flavors

HOW HEALTHY: Rabbit is an all-white meat that is lower in cholesterol than chicken or turkey; it has the highest percentage of protein to fat ratio of any other meat.

COOKING TIPS: The moist juicy all white meat of rabbit is the perfect substitute for your favorite chicken or veal recipe.  Rabbit is done when a sharp fork pierces the meat easily and the juice runs clear.

  • A medium heat on the top of the stove, or 325°F to 350°F oven cooking temperature slowly cooks rabbit to perfection.  Rabbit’s low fat content necessitates a longer cooking time to insure a moist and tender meat.  When sautéing or pan frying rabbit, a medium high temperature is best.
  • To boil rabbit, put the meat in a heavy pot with two or three whole stalks of celery, one whole unpeeled onion, a few pinches of rosemary leaves, salt and pepper, and enough cold water to completely cover the meat.  Bring the water to a boil, then cover and simmer.
  • Rabbit on the grill: Before grilling, parboil the meat approximately 10 to 15 minutes to speed up the cooking process.  Place the rabbit pieces on foil over a medium charcoal fire and cook until tender.  Baste with your favorite barbeque sauce.

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